I don’t hunt. Is a Great Plains Sporting Labs puppy still a good fit for me?

Absolutely! Although our dogs make outstanding hunting companions, Great Plains Sporting Labs puppies will thrive in any loving environment. In fact, a good portion of the homes our puppies go to are not “hunting homes,” so do not let that be a deterrent.

What is the process for purchasing a Great Plains Sporting Labs puppy?

  1. Contact Jon at (404) 276-0062, Nadia at (913) 620-8247, e-mail us at info@greatplainslabs.com, or send us a private message on Facebook to inquire about availability. At that point, you may elect to be put on a waitlist. (This will not guarantee you a puppy, but we will contact you regarding updates on the selected litter, should you decide to move forward with a deposit.)
  2. Submit a non-refundable deposit to reserve/guarantee your puppy.
  3. Pay remaining balance on day of pick-up.

What type of guarantee does Great Plains Sporting Labs offer?

Great Plains Sporting Labs puppies come with a standard 26-month health guarantee. A copy of this guarantee is available upon request prior to purchasing a puppy, should you like to read it ahead of time.

What health services will have already been provided to my puppy prior to pick-up?

Great Plains Sporting Labs puppies will have dewclaws removed,* be given two rounds of dewormer, and receive their first round of vaccinations prior to leaving our home. We will provide you with a detailed health record that you may then take to your local vet for continued care. (*Should, on rare occasion, regrowth of the dewclaws be evident, Great Plains Sporting Labs will not be responsible for any associated veterinary care costs.)

At what point in time can I come get my puppy?

Great Plains Sporting Labs puppies are available for pick-up at 7 weeks old or later. If, for any reason, you are unable to pick up your puppy on the designated pick-up day, prior arrangements for an alternate pick-up day can be made. A daily fee of $10 will be assessed for each day after pick-up day that a puppy remain in our care.

Should I train my puppy or hire a trainer?

This largely depends on your aspirations for your puppy. If you simply desire a well-mannered indoor dog, basic obedience training should help achieve that goal and can often be completed by the owner. If you desire to have a well-trained hunting dog, or desire to compete in any type of retriever competitions, hiring a professional trainer can prove extremely beneficial.

Should I have my vet microchip my puppy?

Yes. No one likes to think their dog will ever disappear or leave home, but accidents can and do happen. Microchipping your puppy is the safest and most effective way to identify (without question) your puppy’s identity in the event its collar/tags are missing.

Should I have my dog spayed/neutered?

This is a decision that is completely up to you. We recommend that you, as the owner, give this much thought in advance and strongly encourage you to consult your local veterinarian for a comprehensive list of pros and cons.

Have a question not listed here? Feel free to contact Jon at (404) 276-0062, Nadia at (913) 620-8247, e-mail us at info@greatplainslabs.com, or send us a private message on Facebook.